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Hey! I'm zertox, but you can call me "zee" or Jonas. I've been using this nickname for 20+ years now (check the domain) and there have been many other people using it in various places. Therefore I decided to make the life easier for people to find the original zertox on different platforms.

I enjoy playing Fortnite and Rocket League. There is a big list of other games I play on and off, but you could probably find those on my steam or xbox profile.

Discord LogoDiscord (zertox#9999)
Steam LogoSteam (zertox)
Steam LogoEpic (zertox.com)
Xbox LogoXbox (zertox)
Reddit LogoReddit (zertox)

Unfortunately, you can't link to a profile on Epic, so you'll have to copy my name manually. (I kind of feel like an advertisement when I'm playing Fortnite or Rocket League with that Epic name)